Blinds and Curtains

An exciting selection of affordable, quality fabrics and silks now available for your curtains and blinds.

Crewing company

A crewing company provides camera crew hire and other services to the media industry. Usual business activity is to provide anything from freelance television crew, production companies to PR. Crewing companies should be able to provide freelance DOPs, Camera Operators, Camera Assistants and Sound Recordists or entire camera crews for any kind of production.  

Make the right pattern imprinted concrete sealer choice!

There are literally hundreds of sealers on the market. making the right choice is crucial. make sure you choose pattern imprinted concrete sealer with a high content of resin. Cheaper sealers will have filler compounds added to save money. If it is cheap it probably is a low content sealer. You will save money in the long run.

Time to rid kids of lice

There is no good time for you or your children to get lice or nits. Although there are very few serious health risks involved, it can be a very annoying event for the whole family as they will quickly spread. Various options are open to the caring mother to rid head lice from the kids. One of the least difficult method, is to get someone else to do it for you. Look for a local company prepared to come to the house and do the horrible job for you.

Post production occurs after the end of shooting

Post production is part of the filmmaking process. It occurs in the making of motion pictures, television programs, radio programs, advertising, videos, audio recordings, photography, and digital art. It is term for all stages of production occurring after the actual end of shooting and/or recording the completed work.


bloggers ,business blogging,fax machines

bloggers - A blog (a portmanteau of the term "web log") is a type of website or part of a website. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability of readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs. Most blogs are primarily textual, although some focus on art (Art blog), photographs (photoblog), videos (Video blogging), music (MP3 blog), and audio (podcasting). Microblogging is another type of blogging, featuring very short posts.

business blogging - Corporate and organizational blogs - A blog can be private, as in most cases, or it can be for business purposes. Blogs used internally to enhance the communication and culture in a corporation or externally for marketing, branding or public relations purposes are called corporate blogs. Similar blogs for clubs and societies are called club blogs, group blogs, or by similar names; typical use is to inform members and other interested parties of club and member activities. Blogging and advertising - It is common for blogs to feature advertisements either to financially benefit the blogger or to promote the blogger's favorite causes. The popularity of blogs has also given rise to "fake blogs" in which a company will create a fictional blog as a marketing tool to promote a product. Employees who blog about elements of their place of employment can begin to affect the brand recognition of their employer.

Fax Machine - A fax is a shortcut for facsimile and it refers to sending a document over a telephone line. Fax machines are essentially a 19th century innovation, they first became most popular in Japan in the mid 1970s, and this trend soon became popular all over the world by the mid 1980s. Although fax machine has faced stiff competition over internet based alternatives by mid 1990s ,yet it has managed to retain a distinct niche of its own. Their popularity have been retained by the fact that fax machines are more preferred in the transmission of sensitive information, which when transferred through internet unencrypted face the risk of interception. In certain office environments, fax machines have been incorporated in fax servers that retain the ability to store faxes electronically and then route them via a secured email pathway. Fax machines use standard PSTN lines and telephone numbers. In 1985, Dr. Hank Magnuski, founder of GammaLink, produced the first computer fax board.